Archbishop Jovan (John) VI

Stop the terror, persecution
and discrimination on religious grounds
conducted by the Government of FYROMacedonia!

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FYROMacedonian Persecution On Religious Basis (VIDEO)

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FYROMacedonian persecution on religious grounds

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The Letter that the Attorney of Archbishop Jovan, Mr. Vasil Georijev Sent to a Number of International Institutions Regarding the Unlawful Treatment by the Public Prosecution and the Court in R. Macedonia

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Bitola, 01.06.2008
Subject : Request for the attitude of the Veles Public Prosecutor’s Office as
well as the Courts of Law having jurisdiction for dealing with the case No. C. 86/04 against the defendant His Beatitude kyr kyr Jovan Vraniskoski from Bitola
Filed by: Vasil Gjorgjiev, BL from Bitola, Macedonia, A-1/7 Scheherazade Mall, defence attorney
Honourable Madams/Sirs,
Criminal procedures had […]