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Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Continues With Persecution On Religious Grounds - Archbishop Jovan (John) In Prison Again

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Archbishop Jovan (John) voluntarily turned up in the prison “Idrizovo” in order to serve the politically pronounced prison sentence

His Beatitude the Archbishop of Ohrid and Metropolitan of Skopje k. k. Jovan (John), keeping his word, voluntarily appeared in the prison “Idrizovo” at 2.30 pm, so that he will serve the 1-year-long politically pronounced prison sentence, for the criminal act of “embezzlement”. The reason for the short delay of his appearance at the prison in order to serve the sentence was his bad health condition, which has still not been completely improved.

As it is well known the Archbishop has not embezzled any financial means, since all of the € 57.000, together with the interest of €180, were timely handed over to the court of first instance in Veles, in the first moment when this was requested by Mr. Trifun Kostovski through the media, and who later testified before the court that Archbishop Jovan is innocent. Based on his testimony the Archbishop was twice liberated, and the third time, after a severe political pressure, he was sentenced to imprisonment.

In the politically motivated processes, truth and justice have no value. Despite the fact that the court proceeding was conducted at the request of the schismatic MOC, which made an outrageous forgery in collaboration with the Public Prosecutor of Veles, inserting inexistent suggestion for prosecution, even after the first trial and the already pronounced verdict of rejection.

By: Informative Service of the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric

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