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“Macedonian orthodox church” stirs religious hatred

Filed under: General — October 13, 2006 @ 1:18 pm

The statements made by the bishop of MOC, Agatangel are dangerous as for the state, so for MOC, since they stir religious hatred, declared the judge Valentin Zafirov.

It is being confirmed that Archbishop Jovan and the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric do not stir and spread religious hatred, but MOC does.

“Macedonian orthodox church” (MOC), residing in doctrinaire and liturgical disunity with the local orthodox churches, has caused religious hatred and intolerance on a large scale with its statements and acts many times before. At a request by MOC, Archbishop Jovan is in prison today, and the state forbids registration of a religious group, represented by those citizens who do not wish to belong to MOC!

At a request by MOC, with no court warrant and time limit for moving their residences, Archbishop Jovan and the monks of the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric, which is in doctrinaire and liturgical unity with the local orthodox churches, were expelled. At a written request by a bishop of MOC, a church belonging to the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric in the village Nizepole was demolished. Finally, after the charges brought in the Macedonian courts against Archbishop Jovan, today Republic of Macedonia is famous for being a lone country in Europe, depriving its own citizens of religious freedom, and for putting in prison a religious person, a Prelate of a local orthodox Church-Archbishop Jovan, who is a political prisoner for many.

The above enumerated are a part of the wide range of actions taken by MOC, which led to hatred towards the members of the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric, thus leaving an impression of a religious community which is favored on the account of the citizens, who do not want to belong to MOC. Such acts taken by MOC caused protests, which were directed by almost all prelates of the local orthodox churches, among whom were the Ecumenical Patriarch kyr Bartholomew and the Patriarch of Moscow kyr Alexy.

Information on these events and protests can be found on:

Caesar-Popery in the lines of MOC occurred recently through their direct interference in the court work. The bishop of MOC Agatangel accused the judge Valentin Zafirov for being an “atheist and infidel”, for releasing Archbishop Jovan from the charge brought by MOC for financial malversations.

More of the Macedonian media have announced the news that the judge Valentin Zafirov is thinking about a possible charge against bishop Agatangel from MOC because of the charges directed to him.

In the news of 10.10 2006, A1 TV
( has announced:

“It is a shame. This is the answer by the judge Valentin Zafirov from Veles to the charges by bishop Agatangel. Although I am a believer, I do not judge on the base of my religious feelings, but in accordance with the Constitution and the laws”, says the judge.
“On the base of my judicial verdict, Vraniskovski is in prison, which does not make me a bigger or a minor believer. What if I were a judge-Albanian, Vlach or of any other religious or national affiliation?” declared Valentin Zafirov, a judge in the Principal Court Veles.

“Such statements by the bishop are dangerous for the state and MOC, since they stir religious hatred”, says the judge Zafirov.
“Besides being the first judge who has sentenced a life imprisonment and besides the fact that I judge the most difficult cases, until now I have not reacted to criticism addressed to me,” says Zafirov, “but this statement has affected me both personally and professionally”.

“I think Mr Agatangel should ask himself what he had done, whether he is conscious of what he had done, and if he is conscious, he should apologize to me, and that would mean an apology to the whole Macedonian judiciary. He should understand that all of us ought to respect the court decisions”, added Valentin Zafirov.

Zafirov is still thinking about whether to bring charges against Agatangel.


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