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The Holy Community Holy Mount Athos sent a letter of support to the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric

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Undoubtedly, the Orthodox Christians all around the world, consider Holy Mount Athos to be the topmost criterion in the spiritual life. As many learned people have noticed, Athonite monks of various nationalities and races for an entire second millennium give their authentic imprint on Orthodox Christianity. Many are the pilgrims who have experienced and express their firm belief that the Holy Spirit resides on the Holy Mount and that each meeting with an Athonite elder is contact with the God-seeing Moses.

The Holy Mount and its Holy Community (Kinotita), in Karyes, for a second time sends a letter of support to the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric. In the first letter, in February 2004, besides the expressed support, the Holy Kinotita dissociated itself from those who distanced themselves from the Orthodox Tradition of the Holy Mount while enrooting in the schism, and the second is from the end of Novemvber 2006, with the following letter, published in full.

Holy Community
Holy Mount

Karyes, 16 / 29 November 2006
Prot. No. F.2 / 5b / 2158

The Esteemed Holy Synod of Bishops
of the Holy Ohrid Archbishopric,
in Bitola.

Humbly in God we salute Your God-pleasing High Reverences,

Closely approaching the threshold of Christ’s Incarnation, days of love, goodness and peace to all humankind, with great disquiet and angst in the soul, being informed of the continuance of the temptations and persecution you and your flock from the Canonic Autonomous Ohrid Archbishopric suffer on account of your devotion to the canonicity and unity of the One Holy and Catholic Church, demonstrating this with our sealed in sanctity letter, we express to you and those with you our brotherly compassion and encouragement by our Holy Kinotita, by all the holy habitats of the holy-named Mount Athos and by the fathers who endeavor in them, especially to the unjustly and with malevolent premeditation continually imprisoned His Beatitude, Your Head, the Archbishop of Ohrid and Metropolitan of Skopje kyr Jovan, to whom we ask you to send our, heartfelt, filial prayers.
We are convinced that this is by God’s permission, which has been established by His Providence for our Church, to test the faith, so that it would be strengthened and empowered, for strengthening our convictions, for molding a martyrial conscience, for community with the Holy Confessors, which you essentially need for fulfillment of your holy mission.
This is why, being in constant prayer to God, after the prayers of our mutual Mother and Patroness of our holy place, the Most Holy Mother of God, so that you will be given rapid resolution and deliverance from temptations, for calm and joy of the fullness of the Church of Christ, we pray for Your God-convincing prayers, closing this with due respect.

All the Representatives and Abbots in
the common Synaxis of the twenty
Holy Monasteries of the Holy Mount Athos


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