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The judge Tanja Mileva sentenced Archbishop Jovan to two and a half years of imprisonment

Filed under: General — May 11, 2012 @ 9:49 pm

Upon the persistent demand by the schismatic organization MOC (Macedonian Orthodox Church), the judge Tanja Mileva from the Court of First Instance in Veles today pronounced the verdict which states: two and a half years of imprisonment for His Beatitude Archbishop of Ohrid and Metropolitan of Skopje Jovan!

The judge Tanja Mileva was born on 02.02.1980 and was elected a judge on 01.09.2009. Only one and a half month after that election, i.e. already on 15.10.2009, after the dismissal of the judge Valentin Zafirov who on two terms released Archbishop Jovan, as a judge in the process against Archbishop Jovan was set Tanja Mileva, who also then, in an exceptionally short term, and in his absence sentenced Archbishop Jovan to two and a half years of imprisonment. The same verdict was again confirmed by the judge Tanja Mileva today.

An impression is made that such court processes are a perfect illustration for the many times repeated conclusion by the international community, that Macedonian courts are corrupted and that they make decisions under a strong influence of the political authorities. Consequently, due to such political verdicts, all citizens of R. Macedonia are becoming hostages and are paying the price for the distancing from the civilized democratic currents.

However, this trial would not have happened at all, had there not been a persistent demand by the schismatic MOC: a court process to be carried out in which Archbishop Jovan would, at any cost, be sentenced. Therefore, through this court process all the lies of the schismatic organization MOC are brought into the daylight. Namely, since for them it was necessary to negotiate with the Serbian Orthodox Church, the schismatics were declaratively making statements that they wanted to negotiate their return to Orthodoxy, but actually they had never listened to the Serbian Patriarch about the basic precondition for the negotiations, and the precondition was solely that all politically motivated rigged court persecutions against Archbishop Jovan and the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric are stopped. They were cordially received in Belgrade, and they abused the good will of their hosts with small-town slandering against Archbishop Jovan, which obviously only they believe in, without having, at the same time, an elementary ecclesiastical awareness that Archbishop Jovan is the true address for the solution of their problem.

Now, with the verdict against Archbishop Jovan, the catholic Orthodoxy is recognizing the state-sponsored schismatic organization MOC only as a confirmed and fierce persecutor of the canonical Church in R. Macedonia. Today anyone can see the difference between, on one side, the schismatic organization MOC as a cruel persecutor of Christ and the Church, and on the other side, the persecuted for the orthodox faith – Archbishop Jovan and the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric, whose prelate he is.

From today, each of the clergymen of the schismatic organization MOC could consider returning to the canonical Orthodoxy, only as an act of personal metanoia.


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